Going International

Although I’ve compared and presented many live events, I’ve never presented on screen before. Today that all changed!

Acclaimed Czech filmmaker Petr Vopenka recently cast me in the role of narrator and presenter in an exciting new documentary film about life of foreigners in a small English city just before Brexit.

The projects is an insight into the life of immigrants and expats in the UK, after leaving their country, language and culture behind in order to start new life in England. It looks at what Brexit means to foreigners living in a small British city? Will they leave the UK or will they remain?

This was an incredible opportunity to work with such a talented and respected filmmaker and also to do something I’ve really wanted to do for a long time in presenting. Also working with green screen technology was a great experience although having to restyle my hair to work effectively with the technology wasn’t too inspiring!!

You can read more about the project by visiting the link below.