Ice Factory Return

In the summer of 1991 my band the Ice Factory played a blazing gig, supporting Youssou N’Dour at WOMAD festival. We had a publishing deal, management deal and were recording demos for major record labels. As well as being performing on television and being played on the radio, the band were high flying at A-list parties in London, touring the country and supporting big artists such as Blur. Little did we know that WOMAD would be the last gig we would play. The band abruptly went their separate ways and one band became 6 wandering musicians.

Until now… 28 years almost to the day Ice Factory have just played a one-time epic reunion gig at Morecambe Carnival…Hundreds of people gathered on the seafront to witness us perform all of their old favourites and of course the band’s re-released single ‘Jerusalem’ . We also announced a feature film that is in pre production about the band.

It was emotional watching fans old and new, family and friends and strangers singing along to songs we thought had long been laid to rest. And it was a pretty amazing experience getting everyone back on the stage together for one last time. Justin our bass player had flown back especially from San Diego. It certainly was a measure of how much we had changed…but also how much some things stay the same!

As the rowsing chorus to Jerusalem came crashing to and end and the crowd cheered for more… we all left the stage door once more to go our separate ways.

You can catch the gig below – The sound is not great but you can see and feel the spirit that the gig was played… One last time to say thanks to our fans, one last time to play together…and one last time to remember how it felt to be bold and brilliant!

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