Up to the Bar

Today I have been doing some role-play at Manchester Metropolitan University. The work was part of a student conference skills assessment where I play the part of a potential criminal client in a conference with a student who is training to be a barrister.

Role-play days are long but also a real test of endurance for an actor. I think I did 12 half-hour sessions with different students playing out the same scenario. I was working with a few other actors from my agency which was great and the staff at MMU were really welcoming and helpful.

Driving home through the festive glow of the city centre, backed up in traffic going nowhere I turned on the radio and what should be playing but ‘Driving Home for Christmas’… I cranked it up, wound my windows down and sang at the top of my voice “Top to toe in tailbacks…….la la la la’

Happy Christmas y’all