Morecambe Streets Returns!

It’s true I did spend nearly 20 years working at community arts organisation More Music, tucked away in the underbelly of Morecambe’s West End. And it is true enough to say that my departure from the company was both emotional and complicated. So it was with a little sniff of trepidation that I decided to return to my West End roots for a final showdown with the Morecambe Streets Show.

MM Director Pete Moser is bowing out of his long-standing role in 2018 and as a celebration of the work that has been created over the years he wanted to re-visit some of the shows and projects one last time…and he asked me to be involved.

Morecambe Streets was a project deeply rooted in the West end of Morecambe and involved working with hundreds of local community members writing songs, poems and performance pieces that culminated in a musical street theatre show.

Stepping back into my old MM boots ended up being an easy and a blissfully enjoyable job to undertake..the sun shone and we toured the songs and stories of the Streets of Morecambe to several audiences throughout the day…around the streets of Morecambe…It felt like no time had passed between then and now…

“The bin man’s been on a Thursday…..out came another black bag!”